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Hi, my name is Lionesha. I am 32 years old and I am an Oakland native.  

Growing up In Oakland I always wanted to become a pillar to my community. 5 years ago I started and funded my own organization "I'm Here" though my organization I have been able to give back to my community. I am also a published author. I have donated a percentage of all book sales to several shelters throughout the bay area and donated books to encourage both men and women that it is never too late  to become the best version of ourselves. My book is titled " I'm just Here To Get My Power Back " . I have used my past hardships to inspire those who might be down to continue fighting. I have held several hiking events with the goal of using fitness as a way to regain power both mentally and physically. My goal is to continue to be a reminder to my community " How you start does not define how you finish" . My goal is to also work within a shelter teaching ways to begin healing through poetry. My hope is also to be able to take this program, the Boy's in Girl's club and begin teaching children how to express themselves through the art of poetry.

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